Middle back exercises


middle back stretches on the floor exercises


Foam roller middle back release exercises


The exercises


Shoulder blade mobility

On the foam roller length wise.

With arms in front of you, stretch as far forward as possible and alternate without a hold.

The focus is on getting the shoulder blade around the chest wall as far as possible.

back release

Shoulder scoops

On the foam roller length wise.

Bring arms upwards, then above your head (parallel with the ground).

Then scoop around to your side.

This should be a fluent movement and focus on the shoulder blades moving.

back release

Back extensions

As shown, have foam roller near your lower chest region.

Bring arms upwards, and flop over the foam roller creating an extended position.

Then move the foam roller to a higher position and repeat.

back release


On your tummy, have arms stretched out above head as shown.

Curl up your middle back and neck as you bring the foam roller close to your body.

back release

Prayer Stretch

Sitting as shown, stretch forward with your hands on the foam roller.

Do a deep breath with your arms stretched as far forward as possible.

Now bring one arm towards the far side to stretch the left or right side of your back, with a deep breath.

back release

Bird Dog

Knees on the foam roller, hands on the ground.

Lift up one leg behind you, then the opposite arm upwards.

Hold for 2 seconds and alternate.

back release

Middle back and shoulder blade exercises fitball

Middle back mobility stretches with stick standing


The exercises (pole optional)


Side flexion

Lift up arms with stick and tilt to side.

Focus on stretching the top arm as far upwards as you can.

back release

Middle back rotations

Bring arms with pole above head and rotate.

Bring the arms down between reps.

You can add a deep breath at the end of each rep to improve the stretch.

back release

Roll downs

With pole on thighs, roll down – curling from head. Bring arms up.

Lift up your arms and curl back upwards, curling each spinal segment – your arms stay up so the pole goes above head.

Then arch backward once at the top.

back release


With arms extended, make a Y shape, then a T with your arms outwards and then W with rotation of your shoulders.

Bring arms down between reps.

back release

Archer rows

Left arm out straight to the side.

Right hand to your left shoulder.

Rotating through your spine, slide the right arm across your upper chest and then bring the arm away and behind you as shown.

Focus on rotation through the spine.

back release

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