Loop Band exercises


loop band floor exercises


The exercises 


Bridge with band

With band tight around knees, lift up pelvis.

Hold for 3 seconds and slowly lower.

Maintain pressure out against band throughout to stimulate glutes.

back release

Bridge with hip abductions

As per previous exercises.

Add in three abductions (knees push outwards against band) when in the bridge position.

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Side lift against band

Side-lying with band around ankles – lift up leg against the band.

Hold for 3 seconds and slowly lower.

Ensure hips stay stacked.

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Side lift against band with circles

Lift up leg against band, and make a circle movement by three against the taught band and rest.

Then lift and complete three circles the other direction.

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loop band standing exercises


The exercises 


Side stepping

Band around your ankles.

Sidestep 5-10 steps and return the opposite way. Ensure you do not side flex through your torso.

If you are feeling quad instead of glutes – try moving the band to around your feet.

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Monster Walking

Maintain pressure against the band.

Knees stay straight as you walk forwards – there should be tension on the band throughout, and the stability should be from your glutes.

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Hip flexion

Band around mid portion of feet.

Bend up one leg slowly from your hips. Hold for 3 sec and slowly lower.



back release

Squat holds

Band around knees, maintaining pressure against the band.

Squat slowly and raise.

back release

Standing shimmies

Standing on one leg with band around lower thigh.

Press outwards against band – complete 10 outwards movements (shimmies).


back release


As per previous exercise, except complete a circle with the leg (from the hip), rather than directly outwards.

Complete 10 circles each direction and alternate.

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Upper limb loop band standing exercises


The exercises 


Press out and lift

Press out against loop band with hands.

Squeeze shoulder blades together.

Raise arms upwards


back release

Tuck shop lady arms

Band around hands and quickly move both arms in and outward (from shoulders, not elbows).

Raise arms up in different angles, completing 10 movements each. (This should make your arm chub wiggle!)

back release

Tricep extension

Hold the band tight with one arm.

Straighten your opposite arm against the band. Hold for 3 sec and slowly release.


back release

Bicep curl

Hold band down with one hand.

Lift up against the band with the other hand. Hold for 3 seconds and slowly release


back release

Wall crawl

Have loop band around hands – taught, and hands on wall.

Crawl up the wall, maintaining good posture.

back release

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