Foam roller release exercises


With Morgan Deegan, Physiotherapist.

Includes 7 stretches to use with the a body foam roller.

Remember to always consult a physio if symptoms persist.

Foam roller lower limb release


Foam roller lat attachment and pec release 


The exercises 


Back release

Foam roller at lower rib cage region.

Pelvis stays on the ground as you arch over the roller.

Try different positions for the extension to achieve the best stretch for your body.

back release

Lat dorsi / outer rib cage

Starting on foam roller as shown – outer rib cage.

Use pelvis and legs to control position as
you place more weight through the ribs.

You may need to roll forwards and back to find “the spot”.

Then lift arm away from body.

Lat dorsi/ outer rib cage

Pec attachment

Laying on the edge of the foam roller, near your pec attachment (outside of your rib cage, near the arm pit).

Roll gently up and down – this is often quite tender so don’t overpress.

Pec attachment

Tibialis Anterior

Place front of outer shin on foam roller, placing as much weight as possible.

Roll up and down along the muscle belly.

Tibialis Anterior


As shown – foam roller underneath the calf.

Put as much weight as possible through the calf as you roll up and down the muscle.



Place back of thigh on the foam roller, putting weight through the leg.

Lift up pelvis to find the tight section of the muscle to be released.



Roll with body weight on front of thigh.

Use the other leg to control the movement.



Roll with body weight on side of thigh. Use the other leg to control the movement.

Rotate your body forwards and backwards
to get the front and back of the ITB.


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